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Thumpers XT660X aka "Growler"

I cannot leave anything as standard, especially when it comes to bodywork and paint. With the XTX I wanted something 'special' that would stand out. I looked at doing the bike chrome but it was just to loud, I wanted something more subtle. Then one day in Tesco car park a lovely little chavved up 206 arrived in chameleon flip paint. I decided that was what I wanted but not quite so loud.

My Original XTX

I contacted a company that did chameleon flip paint for vehicles. I placed an order for the colour combination which was blue to purple flip going through green. I also ordered less metal flake so it wasnt so loud. In addition the company mixed in silicone so the paint would have a certain 'flex' to it as the XT's panels are quite flexible. The silicone in the paint will basically stop the paint cracking when the panels flex.

The flip paint side on

5 days later my paint arrived. I prepped the panels by wet n drying them with 1800 paper. 3 coats of grey primer were applied. The panels were then sanded down again for a smooth finish.

First comes the base coat which was called Midnight Blue. After 3 coats of base paint you can go mental with the "flip". My flip was called "Magenta Sparkle". You can apply as much or as little as you like of this depending on how much flake you want in the paint. I applied 6 thick coats and then a tonn of lacquer.

Close up - The purple metallic flake in the paint

Patience is something I do not have much of. It said between coats to leave at least 8 hours. Well after an hour it was dry... really dry... so I carried on. With not much surprise my finished panel looked cack. The paint had bubbled and creased and looked naff.

Out came the yellow pages and Ken from Autospray Milton Keynes comes to my rescue. 1 day later and my panels came back professionally finished for only 50.

Close up - The green metallic flake in the paint

To finish off the look Theo on the forum posted a photo of an XT with metal mesh in the side panel vents. I already have some on my TL1000's rear seat unit and mudguard. Off to the supplier and 30 minutes later the XT is now sporting funky metal mesh vents in the side panels. Job done :o)

Finished off with some metal mesh venting

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